February 26, 2015


Career 11

AES works with candidates that are driven to find their next career move.  We work hard to match your career and personal goals with the correct clients and opportunities.

Our approach in assisting candidates is more than just finding a new role.  We take the time to mentor and coach you along the way.  We don’t use high pressure sales tactics.  Our process is geared to put you in control of your career.  We open the door to new opportunities and guide you along.  You make the decisions for yourself in a structured process.  Respecting you and your career is our main focus.

If you choose to work with us, know that everything is confidential.  We understand the sensitivity of these situations and work around your schedule, alleviating any risk to your career in your current role.

AES uses proven techniques that take candidates through a process allowing you to make well informed and intelligent decisions about career choices.  Most other companies will tell you it’s “now or never,” “limited time,” etc. to force you to make a quick decision.  AES does not use high pressure sales tactics and will always respect your decisions.  Our position is to work with you as a coach on each unique opportunity as they become available to you.

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