February 26, 2015


Advanced Executive Strategies (AES) is a professional staffing firm. We are dedicated to developing and executing staffing and payroll strategies.

Why choose AES?
First and foremost, AES is not the “got a guy, need a guy” recruiting company.  If you’re searching for bodies to fill seats,  AES is not for you.  In the staffing industry, we see too many recruiters pushing candidates to companies based on a key word search from a resume.  Those are salesmen looking for a quick sale.  They’re wasting your time and money!  We do NOT sling resumes at our clients and hope one sticks.

At AES we look to add value for our clients.  Let’s make it clear.  There are NO short cuts to finding the best candidates.  Finding top talent requires a lot of time and effort.  AES engages every candidate to know they meet our clients’ needs.

AES brings much more than matching a key technical skill on a resume.  If you partner with us, know that we will deliver candidates meeting your requirements or we will inform you on what the market is doing and which elements in the search are not yielding candidates for you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know why a specific search isn’t attracting candidates to your organization?  Would this not give you more insight into what decisions you need to make to lead your team into the future for success?

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Our Process
We understand no two clients are the same.  Each client we work with has their own set of unique demands.  AES matches candidates based on your needs, not ours.  At AES, we don’t have a cookie cutter process for every client.  Just the opposite.  With each new client, we start by taking time upfront to understand their demands, environment and specific needs.  From there we develop a road map that is unique for just them.

Our search process identifies candidates meeting many criteria such as; technical aptitude, industry experience, soft skills, and specific work experience.  There’s a lot more to finding the right candidate than matching a word or two on a resume.  Our search capabilities and processes focus on identifying top performing professionals from technician to vice president.  Qualifying them for you and engaging their interest in making a move to your organization.  Again, to do this right takes time and you can not take short cuts.

As a member of the MRINetwork, AES is able to bring a team of over 1000 offices in more 35 countries to bare on your staffing and executive recruiting needs.  This allows us to operate like a small company with resources of the largest.  AES prides itself in partnering with companies in achieving their goals and metrics for success.  Are you ready to partner with us?

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you.


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