February 20, 2015


Is this you?cropped-Career-16.jpg

You need to hire and think to yourself “easy!”  It’s a no brainer.  With the internet, I’ll just post the position on a job board and/or use some social networking sites.   You might even spend thousands of  dollars for one of the large job boards that promise that their search engine delivers.

Does this sound familiar?

Let me guess.  Hundreds, if not thousands of resumes later and countless hours into the search and you’re no closer finding your next hire.  In fact, you’re more confused and frustrated.  You start asking yourself just where are these people hiding?!  You can spend hundreds of hours sifting through resumes that don’t fit or aren’t even close to the your role.  We also talk with a lot of folks that tell us they start using their personal time (evenings and weekends) trying to find that hire.  We hear it a LOT!

Does this makes sense?  Is this really the best way to spend your time?

Let’s face it, most of you aren’t headhunters.  So why waste your time and resources trying to sift through a sea of resumes and countless phone calls hoping to find that perfect hire?  Your time is best spent focusing on YOUR core responsibilities and if you don’t stay focused, it might be the difference between you getting your bonus or that raise or not!

By partnering with us, you save time, money and frustration.

There are no shortcuts to finding good people.  At AES we don’t proclaim to be the staffing company to find everyone every time.  We promise that we will do the hard work needed to find the best candidates and let you know what’s going on in the marketplace giving you vital information to manage your organization properly.  AES does all the hard work while you stay focused on running your business.

Remember that protecting your time will; prevent errors, get another sale, keep projects on time and on budget, grow the top line, and make your customers happy.  Partnering with us will also protect your personal time and frustration.  In the large picture, AES will help you make more money.

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